SAP OS/DB migration

HB Global’s SAP HANA Support delivers support services to enable continuous and effective use of SAP HANA to meet strategic and daily needs of business operations. The support provides the services and tools that enable you to minimize the cost and risk associated with keeping the HANA systems up and running. With HB Global HANA Support, the customers gain the following benefits:

Updating and Patching the system
  • OS Security Patches
  • OS System Support Packs
File System Operating System
  • Database Connectivity
  • Routine Back-ups
System Monitoring and Administration
  • Database Monitoring
  • Monitoring the SAP HANA Database
  • Administering the SAP HANA Database
Reliable response to technical disruptions
Operating system security patches

The customer is generally responsible for implementing operating system security patches. HB Global informs and applies OS security patches immediately after they are available.

Operating system support packs

On rare occasions, SAP HANA might require a certain operating system patch. OS Service Packs (SPs) must be installed by your SAP HANA hardware partner after they have been validated and approved by SAP. This same process applies to kernel and runtime library (glibc) patches.

Updating and patching file system components 

HB Global implements operating patches for the shared file system on routine basis.

Updating and patching storage somponents 

HB Global takes over your responsibility for implementing operating patches for the storage components.

Database monitoring and administration

HB Global monitors SAP HANA database checks if your SAP HANA system runs as expected and checks for any possibilities of problems. We also administer the SAP HANA database and create and manage user authorizations as requested. This includes checking on connectivity with Data Source.

As an SAP solutions provider, HB Global offers
  • Proven Business Solutions
  • Cost effective and Upgrades.
  • Production Support and Maintenance
  • Strategic Relationship
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Mutual Trust
  • Industry best practices
  • Increased customer satisfaction
HB Global is currently providing at No Cost and No Obligation on a trial basis

We invite SAP customers to use our state of Art infrastructure to try if the approach is right for them or not.

Routine back-ups (including configuration backups)

We do database backup which consists backup of data area and log area. In case of problems with the SAP HANA database, we check log and trace files for errors to resolve them. Though we create customer-specific backup strategy (including retention times for backups), we perform on regular basis:

  • After the initial load
  • At regular intervals. This ensures that a database recovery is possible
  • Before the database software is upgraded to a new version
  • If a new host is added to the landscape
  • After any history lost alert
System administration 
  • Overall system state
  • General system information (software versions and so on)
  • The Alerts section shows the latest warnings and messages generated by the statistics server, resolve them as needed
  • Monitor important system resources that include the amount of available memory, CPUs and storage space is displayed as well as the used amount of these resources
  • Monitor all services belonging to your system that are running: preprocessor, name server and index server for each host and one statistics server
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